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The realm of female intimate well-being is currently experiencing remarkable growth within the domain of anti-aging practices. At RUMA Aesthetics, we specialize in addressing the revitalization and enhancement of women’s health, offering solutions to optimize function and overall wellness. Our team of women’s health specialists is dedicated to crafting personalized treatment strategies tailored to your specific concerns and aspirations. We offer a comprehensive range of services that encompass various issues, including urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, reduced sensation, low libido, painful intercourse, and laxity.

Our women’s health treatments are at the forefront of technology and methodology, incorporating advanced radio-frequency and PRP techniques. We firmly believe that the intersection of women’s health and anti-aging is a pivotal aspect of enhancing the quality of women’s everyday lives. For more detailed information, please refer to our Women’s Health FAQ page.

Urinary Incontinence denotes the involuntary leakage of urine, a prevalent and often awkward problem. Its severity can span from occasional leakage during coughing, sneezing, or laughter, to an intense urge to urinate that is sudden and overpowering, making it challenging to reach a restroom in time. Importantly, urinary incontinence is not confined to aging individuals; it can also impact pregnant and postpartum women, those contending with obesity, and those influenced by lifestyle changes, dietary factors, or medical conditions.

Vaginal dryness arises when the delicate moisture layer covering the vaginal walls transforms. This shift is typically triggered by hormonal fluctuations, leading to thinning vaginal walls with fewer cells capable of secreting moisture. This reduction in moisture content is what leads to vaginal dryness. While hormonal shifts are the primary catalyst, an array of factors—such as breastfeeding, smoking, depression, stress, immune system disorders, rigorous exercise, cancer treatments, and hysterectomies—can contribute.

Vaginal Laxity is often linked to aging, childbirth, and specific medical conditions impacting collagen production within the vaginal walls. Vaginal laxity can lead to diminished libido, reduced sexual arousal, and a decline in sexual satisfaction. Unfortunately, vaginal concerns are frequently overlooked or underestimated, resulting in untreated issues.

At RUMA Aesthetics, we offer an array of treatment options to effectively address these concerns. Through personalized consultations, our providers identify the most suitable treatments based on your unique needs, crafting a personalized treatment plan aligned with your objectives. There is no need to suffer silently from vaginal issues any longer.


VTone, a gentle FDA-cleared technology, offers intravaginal electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and neuromuscular re-education. Designed to strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles, this treatment targets stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence in women. Think of it as a sophisticated method for mastering controlled kegel exercises. The procedure, lasting a comfortable 30 minutes, is recommended as a series of 6 sessions, with annual maintenance advised.


As women age, their bodies undergo a spectrum of changes, including the loss of elastin and collagen, physical stress linked to vaginal childbirth, and diminishing estrogen levels. This quick and comfortable treatment addresses an array of feminine concerns, from enhancing the elasticity and appearance of the labia and vulva to boosting blood flow and sensitivity. It also alleviates discomfort arising from labial hypertrophy, enhances sexual interest, addresses internal vaginal tissue laxity, reduces sensation or dryness, and attends to urinary concerns like stress/urge incontinence. The procedure, taking approximately 30 minutes, ensures absolute comfort, with no subsequent downtime or recovery period.


Morpheus8V harnesses fractional radiofrequency microneedling technology to target intravaginal sub-epithelial remodeling. This treatment effectively addresses concerns such as laxity, painful intercourse, reduced libido, and diminished sensation or dryness. Preliminary consultation is required before scheduling this treatment.


Aviva offers a transformative solution for women seeking to enhance the appearance and comfort of their genital area. Rooted in addressing discomfort and aesthetics, this treatment caters to individuals experiencing irritation when wearing tight clothing, engaging in sexual activity, or exercising. It also appeals to those desiring a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Many women contend with large or irregular labia, either from birth or as a result of childbirth and aging. In contrast to traditional labiaplasty surgery—often involving general anesthesia, stitches, extended recovery times, and post-operative care—our Aviva procedure significantly reduces recovery time. Utilizing a local anesthetic and eliminating the need for stitches, it provides a straightforward and secure procedure that restores confidence in genital appearance. Results are immediate and generally permanent, with most patients returning to work within 1-2 days. The full extent of results becomes evident within 12 weeks.

Ohh Shot in Spanish Fork, UT | Ruma Aesthetics

Oh Shot/Ohh Shot

The Ohh Shot holds immense potential during menopause and beyond, offering a non-surgical intervention devoid of downtime and with the power to revolutionize your sexual experience. Harnessing Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) from your body, the Ohh Shot rejuvenates and amplifies arousal, desire, and sensation. Administered to the clitoris, labia, and G-spot, PRP injections invigorate these areas, restoring sexual satisfaction. PRP is rich in essential growth factors for healing, derived from blood samples and prepared for injection using modern medical techniques. Similar to a regular blood test, a blood sample is collected, followed by centrifugation to isolate platelets for injection. Local topical anesthesia is usually applied to minimize discomfort during injections. Post-treatment, patients can promptly return home or resume work.

A sample of your blood is taken, almost like a regular blood test. The blood is spun in a centrifuge to separate the components, and platelets are prepared for injection. Usually, a local topical anesthetic is used to minimize any discomfort from the injections. Immediately after treatment, patients can go home or back to work.

The benefits of an Ohh Shot include:

  • Improvement in urinary incontinence. You may have no more embarrassing leaks or need to purchase urinary incontinence pads with an Ohh shot.
  • Vaginal dryness reduction. Dryness is an issue common in perimenopause and during menopause.
  • No more painful intercourse. Vaginal dryness is solved, menopause and hormonal changes plus anxiety are decreased.
  • Increased and intense orgasms.
  • Increase sex drive or libido.
  • Sexual confidence is enhanced.

The effects of the Ohh Shot can last for almost a year or possibly more, contingent on individual factors. It’s important to acknowledge that results can vary.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Ruma Aesthetics in Spanish Fork, Utah, where their expertise in body health and beauty is readily available. The Ohh Shot can be pursued as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with vaginal rejuvenation. For optimal results, a series of three treatments is recommended, followed by yearly maintenance. If you continue to struggle with concerns such as vaginal dryness or painful intercourse, consider discussing your issues with our specialist for Women’s Health in Spanish Fork.




VTone is a gentle FDA-cleared technology designed to provide intravaginal electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and neuromuscular re-education to rehabilitate weak pelvic floor muscles for the treatment of stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence in women. This comfortable treatment takes 30 minutes and is recommended for a total of 6 treatments. Annual maintenance is recommended.



This quick and comfortable treatment addresses the following feminine concerns: External labia laxity, internal vaginal tissue laxity, painful intercourse, decreased libido, decreased sensation or dryness, as well as urinary concerns such as stress/urge incontinence. Consultation required prior to booking treatment.



This fractional radiofrequency microneedling technology is designed to provide intravaginal sub-epithelial remodeling. The treatment addresses the following feminine concerns: laxity, painful intercourse, decreased libido, decreased sensation or dryness. Consultation required prior to booking treatment.



Aviva is a great treatment for women who are self-conscious or unhappy with the way their genital area appears. The two main reasons for having this procedure are discomfort and esthetics. Many women feel discomfort or irritatation when wearing tight clothing, having sexual relations, or exercising. Other women just want to look “prettier down there”. Many women are born with large or irregular labia, while others develop this condition after childbirth or with aging. Traditionally, labiaplasty surgery has been performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. The surgical procedure required cutting away the excess tissue, requiring stitches, several days of recovery, post surgical care and a lengthy break from sexual activity. But our Aviva procedure dramatically reduces the recovery time, uses a local anesthetic and requires no stitches. It’s easy, safe and gives women back the peace of mind about their genital appearance. The results can be seen instantly and are permanent with most patients back at work within 1-2 days. The full extent of the results take up to 12 weeks to be visible.

Ohh Shot

The Ohh shot uses your body’s PRP to rejuvenate and boost female sexual health.  Improvement in arousal, desire, and sensation are common positive effects of the treatment.  The Ohh Shot can be done as a single treatment, or in combination with the vaginal rejuvenation treatment.  A series of 3 Ohh Shot treatments is recommended for optimal outcomes with yearly maintenance thereafter.

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FAQS - Ohh Shot

Does it help with urinary incontinence?

Yes! Another benefit of the Ohh Shot is increased collagen production and tissue support, which results in decreased leakage.

Does it hurt?

The procedure is done with a local anesthetic to make you as comfortable as possible.

How many do I need?

It depends on the person, but most people need 2 or 3 treatments to reach full benefits.

How often do I need to get it done?

About one treatment once per year is the average frequency for maintenance of results.

Are results immediate?

While there may be some immediate improvement in sensation and leakage, the final result appears 4-8 weeks after injection

Can I get it while I'm breastfeeding?

Yes! Because we use a person’s own body’s PRP for injection, it is safe for breastfeeding mothers.

FAQS - Morpheus8V

What area is treated:

Treatment of vaginal canal wall and the introitus • Vaginal canal wall • Entire area distal to proximal ends in 4 positions that cover the full vaginal canal surface in 360 degrees • Each position is along a few cm according to probe scale.

How does it work?

Fractional RF energy is delivered through bipolar arrays of 24 gold coated micropin electrodes providing intravaginal sub-epithelial remodeling. The energy is applied between the needle and external electrode placed on the tissue surface.

3 things happen:

• Ablation • Coagulation • Submucosal bulk heating

Large volume of tissue is affected = Large tissue contraction zone and full thickness submucosal heating.


How does it work?

What are the Treatment Areas?

Labia Majora • Labia Minora • Mons Pubis • Perineal Body • Introitus