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Medical Aesthetics Marketing:

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Medical Treatment Chairs & Stools:
Source One Beauty

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Ultrasound: Mindray TE5

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AMARE- Wellness Products

If you are interested in retailing Amare products at your practice, contact our account manager Sarah, and mention RUMA to have access to our partner pricing.

Sarah Bjorgaard – 808-8070

If you are a customer looking to purchase Amare products, visit us at RUMA Medical Aesthetics to shop our favorite products or visit the link provided below to purchase Happy Juice with our RUMA discount!


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Copperhaus Design- Full-Service Design Firm

Mention code RUMA for $500 off design fee.

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Thermoclear- Non- Invasive Radio Frequency that treats Cherry Angiomas, Skin Tags, Age Spots, Fibromas, Milia, Keratosis, and Capillaries.

Use code RUMA for $500 off

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Boulevard- Client Experience Platform

Platform for patient scheduling and experience.

Mention RUMA for 50% off data migration.

Contact Claire Gordon for a complimentary DEMO- (480) 559-5001

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Pronox- Gas system designed for pain management and anxiety relief

For more information on Pronox, fill out the form below and we will connect you with our account manager.

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SkinPen- Microneedling

Mention RUMA for special pricing!

Contact: Jennifer Gibson for more information 801-699-2721

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InMode- Empower Platform (Morpheus/Sexual Wellness)

Contact: Jennifer Gibson for more informatio-


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Benev – PDO Threads/ SylfirmX/ Cannulas

We have 2 incredible offers-

SylfirmX – Microneedling Radiofrequency Device.
To receive a significant discount through the RUMA Program, email training@rumaacademy.com and we will connect you with our SylfirmX account manager.
MIRACU PDO Threads and Elasty Micro Cannulas
*At RUMA we LOVE the Elasty Micro Cannulas! We use the 25g 1.5” for our Signature midface/cheek/tear trough treatment. These are much more affordable compared to Dermasculpt and TSK.

To order these products, go on miracuusa.com and create an account by clicking login and sign in. MAKE SURE TO NOTATE Shelby Miller under Account Manager. The account will be approved within 1-2 business days. When you’re ready to order, use the code RUMA for 10% off!

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Cozy Earth – Bed Linens

RUMA uses Cozy Earth bedding on all of our aesthetic beds.

All customers and medical practices can use code SHELBYMILLER40 for 40% off their entire purchase!

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Inspiration Management- Medical Aesthetics Business Consulting

Click here to learn more
AccuVein | Ruma Aesthetics

AccuVein- Vein Illumination

Ruma Aesthetics

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