Gut Allergy Testing Lehi UT


The development and immunity of our bodies rely heavily on the human gut microbiome. The bacteria residing in our gut play a vital role in food digestion, immune system regulation, and vitamin production. The significance of the microbiome cannot be overstated as it greatly effects our universal health.
Science has established a link between our “gut bacteria”, food intolerances, and specific allergies to various negative aspects of our health, including decreased metabolism, inadequate blood glucose regulation, insufficient weight management, mood, mental health, and even individual responses to medications.
Each individual possesses a distinct and unique gut microbiome, which is greatly influenced by the dietary components present in food. At RUMA, we offer gut testing to ensure your gut biome is optimized.
Testing for not only food allergies and sensitivities is also important, but at RUMA we are delving deeper into allergen testing. Determining what foods should be eliminated, helps regulate diet and proper metabolism, and return your body to a state of optimization for your overall health and total body wellness.

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