Functional Wellness at RUMA

Our experienced wellness providers will help you feel your absolute best with RUMA’s balanced functional medicine approach. Keeping your overall health in mind, our wellness department offers a variety of services to get to the “why” behind your symptoms.


  • Thyroid/Adrenal Function Optimization
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Joint/Trigger Point Injections
  • Medical Cannabis Cards
  • Genetic & Allergy Testing
  • Biological Age Testing
  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Dexa Body Scans
  • Hair Restoration
  • Cancer Screening
  • IV Treatments

Cannot recommend Rebecca and RUMA enough!  If you just need to get your body chemistry back on track, come in and see this team.  They will take care of you and put the spark back in your life you need!” 

Meet your Functional Team

Rebecca, our Functional Medicine provider at RUMA has been in the feild for over 10 years, and loves helping people improve their quality of life!

With prior experience in family medicine, cardiology, and podiatry, Hannah brings a wealth of knowledge to her Medical Assistant role at RUMA.

Lori, our Functional Medical Coordinator to RUMA is walking proof of how functional medicine can transform your day-to-day, and enjoys sharing that experience with patients.

We have the best team looking out for your goals.

Ruma Aesthetics