Renuva is an innovative injectable treatment that stimulates the growth of your own fat cells to replace age-related fat and volume loss. Utilizing a biocompatible agent containing growth factors and collagen found in your body’s fat cells, Renuva offers safe and effective results that will be seen 8-12 weeks post-treatment. Treatment frequency varies from person to person, with results typically lasting 5-10 years.


How Does Renuva Work?

Renuva works by creating a honeycomb-like matrix upon injection, which is gradually filled with your body’s own fat cells. Over the following three months, Renuva dissolves and is eliminated by your body, leaving behind only your natural fat cells in the desired areas.

How Long Does Renuva Last?

Renuva provides lasting results as it eventually disappears and is replaced with your own fat cells. The longevity of results varies for each individual, typically aligning with the lifespan of your natural fat cells.

How Many Injections of Renuva Are Necessary Per Treatment?

The number of Renuva injections required per treatment depends on factors such as the individual, the area being injected, and the desired outcome. Our experienced team will tailor a personalized treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

How Long Does Renuva Last Compared to Other Fillers?

Unlike traditional fillers, Renuva is not a temporary solution. It is the only off-the-shelf treatment that replaces fat loss with your own fat cells, offering long-lasting results. While individual experiences may vary, the average lifespan of fat cells is approximately 10 years.

Can Renuva Be Used with Other Treatments Like Botox, Restylane, etc.?

Yes, Renuva can be used in conjunction with other treatments like Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers. Whether you have received these treatments previously or plan to continue receiving them, Renuva complements your aesthetic journey seamlessly.

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