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Shelby offers private advanced technique trainings for providers with a minimum of 6 months experience injecting full time or one year injecting part time. She will instruct the provider on patient assessment, anatomy, and advanced techniques of their choice as previously discussed with her.
Shelby is generally 2-4 months booked out for training sessions.

Why train with Shelby?

Shelby Miller is the founder of RUMA Medical Aesthetics. She is a board certified nurse practitioner with a doctorate degree from Gonzaga University. Shelby is a skilled cosmetic injector and well known in the medical aesthetic industry for producing natural, transformative results. Shelby is a national trainer and has educated hundreds of medical providers in the aesthetic community. She founded RUMA Training and conducts many private one-on-one trainings in addition to training nationally for the industry leading companies Allergan and Galderma.

Shelby is proactive, detail oriented, and has a positive and outgoing personality. She is constantly trying to learn, grow, and improve her aesthetic skills. She loves working in this industry and has a passion for helping her patients become the best form of themselves. Shelby takes pride in treating her patients with kindness, inclusivity, and respect.

Shelby has conducted many successful trainings all around the country including in Utah, Washington, Louisiana, Wyoming, Michigan, Hawaii, Idaho, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, California, New York, and more. She has also attended frequent industry conferences and trainings, and been a featured speaker at many as well. Shelby truly enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.

Contact Shelby to learn more about trainings and discuss scheduling.



Do you offer training's for entry-level courses for injectors?

Currently, Shelby does not offer initial entry-level courses. That being said, Shelby is a partner of The Medical Aesthetic Art Institute, which provides entry-level courses, as well as advanced courses. Visit their website at www.learninjectables.com and use the code aesthetic_injector for $200 off your course!

Who is eligible to be trained?

Providers and injectors that have been injecting for at least six months full time are eligible for personal, hands-on training by Shelby.

Can I come to your spa to be trained?

No. Due to licensing concerns, it’s best for you to learn new techniques, practice, and work hands-on in the state where you are licensed to inject. Therefore, all trainings are done at the office/spa of those being trained.

How much does a training cost?

Pricing depends on travel time and number of providers involved. Please fill out the request form above for more information.