Ruma Aesthetics
Who we are:

We are a leader as a top medical aesthetic and functional medicine practice where we are dedicated to our craft, where we provide excellent patient experiences every time.  We are on a mission to empower individuals by nurturing their internal and external well-being, fostering a deep sense of self-worth and confidence that propel them to flourish in every facet of their lives.

Aesthetic Injector at Ruma
The Position:

This dynamic position as an aesthetic injector plays a vital role at RUMA Medical Aesthetics. This position involves managing a thriving schedule of performing treatments of neurotoxin, filler, and PRF injections, along with Kybella, Sculptra, PDO Threading, and much more. You will need to coordinate communication with your team and patients. You need to be an autonomous worker, maintaining RUMA’s protocols and procedures, creating and executing complex treatment plans, while having a sterile, tidy environment. We prioritize learning and continuing education for our team and education for our patients, community and industry.

The Right Fit:

– A quick learner with problem-solving and critical thinking skills
– Someone who takes the initiative to figure out what needs to be done through creativity and flexibility
– Customer-service oriented with ability to quickly establish rapport with customers and team
– Guest experience driven and loves to follow up with patients and provide after care support
– Obsessively motivated, reliable, and resourceful
– Has an aptitude for communication around operating systems
– Superior organizational skills, follow-through skills and attention to detail
– Excellent communication skills and ability to finish assigned tasks
– You are humble, hungry and smart
– Autonomous work ethic


– NP or RN Degree
– Worked as an aesthetic injector full time for at least 3 years
– Skilled in performing neurotoxin, filler, and PRF injections as well as kybella and sculptra
– Skilled in PDO threading
– Meticulous and timely with charting
– Knowledgeable and responsible for abiding by all of Ruma’s treatment protocols
– Maintains a sterile, tidy environment in all work areas
– Loves learning and attends all training, meetings, team activities, and education that Ruma requests.
– Punctual with arriving to work and also staying on time with your patients
– Team player that loves helping out whenever possible
– Passionate about social media and educating followers and demonstrating skill set
– Excellent communication skills
– Positive and upbeat personality
– Action-oriented with ability to take constructive feedback
– Professional and mature demeanor with presentable appearance
– Ability to set the tone for the team with optimal professionalism

Not the right fit:

– Someone who does not have at least 3 years of aesthetic injecting experience
– You are looking to start your own business within the next 2 years
– Someone who needs a ton of structure and consistency
– Not willing to jump in as needed on tasks that aren’t “yours”
– Someone who can’t work independently
– Someone who is not tech savvy and may shy away from figuring things out for themselves

Key Responsibilities will Include: 

– Injecting neurotoxins, filler, PRF, and other products.
– Ensure that all patients are being reminded of upcoming appointments with pre-care instructions
– Ensure that all patients are followed up with see how they are doing and provide them with virtual copy of post care instructions
– All prescriptions are called in in a timely manner
– Responsible for taking patient notes and thoroughly chart on each patient
– Submit charts by end of each day
– Maintain sterile and tidy environment
– Attend all training, meetings, team activities, and education that Ruma requests
– Attend all monthly training sessions
– Arrive to work 20-30 minutes before your first patient to prepare for your day
– At the beginning of your day, looking up Alle/Aspire and similar points and applying them when appropriate, looking up VIP Program status and applying credits when appropriate
– Responsible for checking out guests, completing your patient charting, helping complete inventory at the end of every day, and checking supply stock weekly
– Responsible for staying on time with each guest and knowing your schedule. Your schedule will be customized to what works best for you.
– Keeping an eye on your books and making sure clients are scheduled for the appropriate treatments and appropriate amount of time.
– Willing and available to help the team out in any way with patients, charts, training, educational material, marketing, and growing the medical aesthetic program with fellow NP’s and RN’s
– Wear your black RUMA figs scrubs during all shifts along with clean Black Shoes
– Abide by our RUMA Dress and Appearance code
–  Post regularly on your RUMA Instagram Account
– Willing to help create videos / marketing content and hold marketing / promotional events with the team and with guests
– Work with influencers per affiliate contracts
-Business cards will be provided for you

If this opportunity excites you, please complete this brief application below.  We will be accepting applications through 05/10/2024.

Thank you,

Shelby Miller