ZOE Bliss



Our most recent Sonic Beauty Device was developed to clean, massage, and apply skincare products for the best short and long-term results. With an innovative design and revolutionary Transdermal Sonic Technology, ZOE Bliss delivers 7000 micro-pulsations per minute to cleanse, exfoliate, massage, maximize skin care product penetration and absorption on a cellular level.

In addition, these pulsations help to reduce signs of aging and to reinvigorate the glow to your skin. ZOE will change your skincare routine and take it to higher levels. ZOE has a unique design that provides pulsation settings that give your skin the best benefits.

High-intensity sonic pulsations trigger cleansing and, at the same time, exfoliate your skin. There are rhythmic tapping pulsations that give you a revolutionary firming massage that provides anti-aging properties. The tuned wave pulsations provide absorption of skincare products for optimum results. You can order copper and jade attachments to help reduce puffiness and trigger collagen production. ZOE provides you with a youthful glow and helps your skin feel clean and relaxed.

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Blue, Green, Hot pink, Pink, purple, Yellow