RUMA AestheticsThermoClear Skin Treatment ThermoClear Skin Treatment Lehi,UT

ThermoClear Skin Treatment System

ThermoClear Skin Treatment System ThermoClear, also known as RUMA Clear, is a Radio Frequency device performed at RUMA Aesthetics in Lehi, Utah. This device uses high and low radiofrequency that can treat ALL skin types on epidermal imperfections, including; sun spots, age spots, moles, acne scars, sebaceous hyperplasia, cherry hemangiomas, spider capillaries, milia, skin tags,…

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Morpheus 8VRUMA Aesthetics Morpheus 8V- Women's Health

Morpheus 8V- Women’s Health

Morpheus 8V- Women’s Health Morpheus 8V, RUMA’s newest technology, addresses feminine concerns, including vaginal laxity, painful intercourse, decreased libido, decreased sensation, or vaginal dryness. M8V quite literally takes our vaginal rejuvenation treatments to the next level as it utilizes the latest technology, bipolar fractional radiofrequency delivered up to 3mm deep through a matrix of 24…

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